My Plan

1. Reliable ferries for our island and rural communities

The number of ferry breakdowns and cancellations is increasing, while the number of new ferries coming into service has stalled completely.

For many local residents and businesses, ferries are a lifeline service, and communities deserve a ferry service that is reliable and punctual, 

I will continue to campaign for more investment in our ferries, and for a ferry compensation scheme for businesses.


2. Investment in local roads

Too many roads across the Highlands and Islands are in urgent need of upgrades to meet the needs of the future.

Promises to dual the A9 and A96 have not been met, while residents across Argyll and Bute are calling for a permanent solution for the A83 Rest and Be Thankful. 

Regular landslips as a result of bad weather have hampered the A83 and many other arterial roads across the Highlands and Islands, while quick fixes have failed to alleviate the problem.

I will fight for more funding to upgrade our roads so that they are safer and more reliable.


3. A tailored deal for our farmers, crofters, and land managers.

Our farmers, crofters, and land managers are the custodians of our countryside, and they are the people who put food on the nation's tables. 

The Scottish Parliament is responsible for delivering vital support to our agriculture sector, and a new Bill to lay out the foundations of that future support system is making its way through Parliament.

I'll work hard to ensure our farmers, crofters, and land managers get the support that they need, as well as working to support young and new entrant farmers into the sector. 


4. Superfast broadband for every home and business

In 2016, the Scottish Government promised that every home and business in Scotland would be able to access superfast broadband by 2021. 

This has not happened, and the deadline has been extended to 2028, with over 50,000 premises across the so-called "North lot" area still waiting to be connected. 

Local residents and businesses deserve access to reliable broadband, and I will call on the Scottish Government to work with its external agencies to step up the pace of installing the infrastructure needed to allow homes and businesses to access superfast broadband. 


5. A fair funding deal for the Highlands and Islands

Communities across the Highlands and Islands Region face a significant risk from depopulation for a variety of reasons.

Budget reductions for local government have exacerbated the problem, and staff shortages in our NHS and education services add to the wider issues.

I will push for a fair funding deal for local communities, as well as working with local councils, to address the root causes of rural depopulation, so that our communities can continue to thrive into the future.